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General Information

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Largest Cities

City Population Estimated
Managua 1,068,500 2001
Chinandega 120,400 2001
Leon 100,982 2001


Most Nicaraguans have both European and Indian ancestry, and the culture of the country reflects the Ibero-European and Indian heritage of its people...
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Nicaragua takes its name from Nicarao, the chief of the indigenous tribe from the area around present-day Lake Nicaragua...
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Prior to 1990 the Nicaraguan economy was not merely stagnant but declining drastically...
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The agriculture sector in Nicaragua contributes 34 percent of the GDP and employs an estimated 29.5 percent of labor, as stated in the GDP/Employment by Sector of Origin table...

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Although Nicaragua was the world's 14th or 15th largest gold producer in the 1940's and 1950's, mineral production in the mid-1990s accounts for less than 1% of the country's gross domestic product. Gold is still however one of the only major metals mined, and in 1997 an estimated 1,800 kg were produced...

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Because Nicaragua is a less developed country economically, with a comparatively lower level of industrialization than other developing countries, it also has a relatively low level of pollution...

Nicaragua Wildlife


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